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Hello. I've been journeying on planet Earth around the sun for 40years now and have just about figured out what's going on...sort of ;)


From as early as I can remember I've loved music and playing in the King's Gambit is my latest musical endeavor and it's honestly the best thing I've ever been involved in. The people, the tunes, the vibes. It's incredible.


Like most grunge lovers from the 90s I've played in a fair amount of bands since my teens when I was a greasy long haired hippy.  My first band was called Surreal Dogs and we toured Romania in 1996 raising money for an orphanage. At Reading Uni, I played guitar in a funk band called ChrisKilledAnna and a 12 piece blues function band as well as playing violin in orchestras and quartets.


I had a break from playing for a few years and then started jamming with new musicians in Northampton which led to starting up a covers band which evolved into an originals band called Jack Rabbit:






















It was with this band that my good friend Kev Minney (one of the best guitarists in the county) really encouraged me to play more violin which I did and haven't looked back. I kept up guitar work in a covers band called The Proles  :

I developed my improv skills on violin with The Red Triangle:  


I spent 7years with The Red Triangle but unfortunately due to artistic differences we went our separate ways and now here I am playing violin with The Death Alley Drivers, a psychedelic rock band  







and King's Gambit - the mightiest and merriest folktronica band in the land.



I made 4 tracks with my good friends Laura and Josh Davies in 2018 too - a beautiful little folk trio called Nook -


Anyhow, that's a quick sojourn of my musical journey. I'm married with four children and work as a community psychiatric nurse too so I'm keeping out of trouble most of the time.  Hopefully our paths will cross one day and we can discuss the meaning of life. Love to you all. Phil ....