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After two years in the making, King's Gambit are proud to present their new album, 'From One to Another'.


The band's biggest, most-accomplished effort yet, 'FOTA' is a celebration of the English folk tradition, taking listeners on a foot-stomping journey from start to finish.


Both the band's spirit and Chris Startup's lyrical eccentricity come to life against a rich musical backdrop whose warmth and charm will stir even the most dormant of souls and appeal to young and old alike.


A lively album that will have you dancing and conversing till the wee hours of the morning, 'From One to Another' is a maturation of the group's distinctive sound, reaching out to like-minded people across the UK and beyond.


"Our first two albums were quite exploratory and, looking back, represent a sound still in progress," explains Chris. "'From One to Another' feels like the full picture we've been working towards for half a decade. It captures who we are and what we do as a whole.

So I think it's time to party again!"

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