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I am the part-timer in the band due to geography and I always start from the premise that no song has ever been written that can’t be totally destroyed by an accordionist. Consequently hearing one work therefore is amazing.


I am the old geezer in the corner. I’ve been married for 40 years (I’ve always been unlucky ……….) and for the vast majority of that time I have enjoyed being an LEA woodwind instrumental teacher focusing on single reeds and flute.This work has also involved me both conducting and playing in various musical mediums including orchestras, wind bands, jazz ensembles and big bands.


Since retiring I have taken up the ‘Beast’ (aka piano accordion) and around two years ago Chris, now my son-in-law, cajoled me into joining his amazing King’s Gambit. I love his incredible toe-tapping music and am proud to be a part of this continually evolving sound. Once wondering what to do in retirement, my days are now filled with learning new pieces that Chris seems to throw at me EVERY week! I am continually wrestling the ‘Beast’ but am pleased to report now that I may be through to the third round.  


It’s a privilege to be playing with such a talented bunch of musicians and great fun to be on-stage with them!!!!!

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